5 things I wish I knew before coloring my hair

Published Date: 2019-07-03

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Like most Nepali girls, I grew up believing that long, thick, black hair was the ultimate sign of gorgeous and beautiful hair. I was made to fear the bleach and if I ever dared to imagine what I’d look like with a different color I was instantly put off with “you’ll damage your hair FOREVER… F..O..R..E..E..VVVEEERRR” However, I realized that it wasn’t all that bad once I colored my hair. By now, I’ve changed the color my hair quite a few times and here are 5 things I wish I knew before coloring my hair.

1.) It is always best to visit a professional.
There are many tempting options for self-hair coloring available in the market. It is cheaper and definitely sounds easier too. However, I have learned that it is always best to visit a professional for any kinds of hair coloring. Whether is just touching up at the roots or getting a light tint of color, the knowledge of the hairstylist and their trusted professional hands can deliver the best results.

2.) Choose a reliable brand of hair color.
Words like “ammonia free” and “easy to use” are often used to market hair color. But the truth is there is so much more to the science of hair coloring than just these. There is no going back once you’ve exposed your hair to the chemical formulations of a hair color hence select a reliable and good brand of hair color. If you’re getting it done at a salon, ask your hairdresser to use a brand you are sure of and trust. 

3.) Be prepared to bleach your hair.
While colors targeted for grey coverage such as LK hair colors do not require your hair to be bleached, there are colors such as pastel colors that require dark hair to be lightened with the use of a bleach first. When you’ve decided on a color that requires bleaching to be prepared for it, gear up menatally. The process requires time and also great care afterward. Mental preparedness is very important in the case of bleaching.

4.) Invest in some awesome (and sometimes expensive) products for aftercare.
Colored hair requires extra care. This extra care can come in the form of additional products for your hair care. Do not hesitate to invest. My hair stylist once recommended I use a color protection shampoo after getting my hair colored a dark shade of purple. The color was lovely, and it looked gorgeous but as I did not want to spend extra on a shampoo (I had just bought a new bottle the previous day) I did not take heed to her advice. Over the next 2 weeks, my purple changed to a shade of red and my hair got super dry and brittle. So, get some good aftercare products after getting hair colored to maintain the color, texture, and shine.

I personally recommend Lisap Elixir Care Shining Oil. It smells great, can be used on damp hair and dry and gives hair a silky soft feel.

5.) It’s going to fade.
All hair colors will fade over time. It doesn’t matter which color you used or where you got it done. All hair colors fade a little over time after multiple washes. But you can make the process slower by taking good care of it and using appropriate products. Just remember that fading is inevitable.

Overall, hair dyeing is a fun way of experimenting with your looks and a good way to step out of your comfort zone too.

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