4 Makeup Brushes That Everyone Should Own

Published Date: 2019-04-30

The makeup fanatic in me goes insane when I lose my favorite brush as finding a perfect one in Kathmandu is about either pre-ordering them from other countries at twice the price or settling for cheap low-quality ones. However, as makeup brushes are just as important an investment as the products themselves, I believe in owning a few but very good quality ones. Each makeup brush is designed to make the application of particular products easier and more perfect and a good brush helps to get the desired look more easily and perfectly with each sweep.

After spending thousands on importing and experimenting, I finally found one good set of brushes here in Kathmandu itself. Here is a list of 4 face makeup brushes by Farmasi that everyone should own.

Powder/blush brush

A powder brush is generally fluffy and has long soft bristles. The brush is designed to distribute powder evenly across the face. It helps avoid a chalky or cakey look by not dispensing too much product at once.

To use, swipe over loose or pressed powder, gently tap off the excess and brush across face in short strokes or a sweeping motion. 

Tapered Foundation brush 

Among many types of foundation brushes, the tapered foundation brush is one of the most versatile and easy to use face brush. The tapered-dome shape of the brush fits any angle of the face and allows for a smooth and effortless blending. The flexible dense shape is perfect for applying and blending liquid and cream foundations for a streak-free finish. It can also be used to get the sharp contours around the nose. 

To use, apply your foundation in circular movements on small areas of the face one at a time. Start in the areas of the face that need the most coverage and use downward strokes for a natural airbrushed look.

Angled brow brush

An angled brow brush is perfect to use with pomades, powders, and waxes. The stiff and short brush is cut at just the right angle to help you get that perfect brow look. It is super handy, and the brush gives you great control of how you want to shape them up.  A handy tip: You can also use it to apply gel eye liners to your lids too. 

To use, comb through your brows. Get some product on your brush and fill in your eyebrows as desired.

Eyeshadow (blending) brush 

As any makeup lover would know, the most important thing to do in makeup application is blending. A medium-sized, eyeshadow blending brush works great for applying shadow to the lid and also blending it out. It helps you get that perfectly desired smoky look. There are many varieties of eyeshadow brushes in the market but an eyeshadow blending brush is an essential that you definitely must-have.

They can be used with or without products. 

All of these face brushes by Farmasi are easy to use and comes in a super adorable packaging.

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