How to protect your hair from Kathmandu’s pollution

Published Date: 2019-05-01

I am guilty of taking better care of my hair than my grades in college. I have been obsessed with getting it oiled by my grandma, treated by the best hands and salon and trying countless new products that have all claimed to give me the ‘hair of my dreams’.  But no matter how hard I tried the constant challenge was simply something beyond my control. It was the pollution of the city that always sucked the life out of my hair.

This wasn’t just my problem either. I’ve heard my friends complain about it, in fact my father blames it for his balding hair and my brother believes he is next and is terrified of losing his hair.

Pollution can be brutal to the hair and scalp. So, I approached hair stylist and experts at Lisap Nepal to consult about how we can protect our hair from the harsh Kathmandu pollution and here’s what they recommend.

Cover your hair

This one simple step can be lifesaving for your hair, literally. Covering your hair with a light cloth or scarf will help keep the pollution at bay and protect your hair from the sun.

Brush with care

Pollution can often make your hair tangled and rough. Do not force comb or brush through the hair at such times. Take your time and detangle your hair and slowly comb through it. Roughly brushing your hair can lead to breakages of hair strands. Hair is fragile, and it needs just as much attention while brushing as during other hair regimes.

Use the right shampoos and conditioner

As tempting as it is to believe that you can get that Alia Bhatt and Priyanka Chopra style enviable hair that flows in the air by using a new shampoo, it might not quite be true. Using appropriate shampoos according to your hair type is super important.  Shampoos can affect the condition of your hair greatly. They do not just help clean your hair but can also aid in protecting your hair from damage and soothing them too. Choosing the correct shampoo can help preserve your hairs natural beauty better than anything else.

For hair that needs extra care, you can get Lisap, Elixr care shampoo or if you’ve just had your hair colored you can opt for Top care Repair color care shampoo.

Protect and take care of your scalp

Dirty scalps attract more pollution than cleaner ones. The classic sign of a dirty scalp is greasy and oily hair or on dryer scalps flaky skin. Dirt sticks on greasy hair and on dryer scalps it further exaggerates the condition. So, give your scalp just as much love as your hair strands. Good hair grows from a healthy and well-maintained scalp. So, take care of it.

Get hair treatments by professionals

The best way to repair damaged hair is to get good quality hair treatment by professionals. Lisaplex kit hair treatment is an ideal protective treatment that can-do wonders for all kinds of hair.

Comment below and tell us how you protect your hair in Kathmandu. One superhero who knows how to keep their hair safe with style will get exciting gift hampers from Lisap Nepal.

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